FM Receiver Block Diagram

a. Mono FM Receiver Block Diagram

b. Blok Diagram Penerima FM stereo

Each Function Block
a. Antenna: work to catch signals from the antenna bersal bermodulasi the transmitter.
b. RF Amplifier: fatherly function strengthens the signal captured by the antenna before forwarded to block Mixer (mixer).
c. OSC (Local Oscillator): mebangkitkan fatherly function of vibration frequency is higher than the frequency of the RF output signal. Where the results will be forwarded to the mixer block.
d. Mixer (mixer): Contribute to mix the two frequencies are derived from the RF amplifier and the Local Oscillator. Results from the mixer is processed Intermediate Frequency (IF) with a large 10.7 MHz.
e. IF amplifier: used to strengthen the intermediate frequency (IF) before forwarded to the limiter block.
f. Limiter (delimiter): fatherly damping function which is modulated amplitude waves (the signal sent by the transmitter) in order to form a pure FM signal (beramplitudo average).
g. FM Detector: used to detect frequency changes bermodulasi, a signal information (Audio).
h. De-emphasis: function to suppress excessive amount of audio frequency (high) sent by the transmitter.
i. AFC (Automatic Frequency Control / Automatic Frequency Control) function fatherly local oscillator frequency adjust automatically to remain stable.
j. Stereo Decoder: Stereo signal processing used fatherly, so the results are forwarded to the two pieces of AF amplifier (FM Stereo).
k. Audio Amplifier: used to rectify the vibration / AF signal and enhance the audio signal level and then forwarded to an AF amplifier speakers.
e. Speakers (speakers) are used to change the vibration frequency electrical signals or AF became audible sound vibration by the human ear.

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